One voice many perspectives

I work to generate possibilities of transformation. With this orientation, I design the presentations in different spaces and with different objectives. Despite these differences, my goal is inspiring people to transform their lives.
Our everyday world needs new perspectives to deal with what is new around us. In a world fascinated by technological development, I have proposed to explore the emotional development of people. Why? Even with a strong technological and financial possibilities, people suffer due to the state of their emotions.

Levels of contents


The focus of this intervention is motivating people to introduce the change in their lives. I present my model of change based on subtleties and how we can apply it both in personal and group life. I can develop this presentation in events or small groups.
The maximum length is 2 hours.


This intervention involves the technical development of the models and the steps of application. The goal is that people can apply these tools in their context. This dimension is oriented to professional or academic groups and organizations.
It extends between 16 and 24 hours.


The objective of this level is a personal exploration to become a professional model practitioner. At this level, people are trained so that they can use these conceptual perspectives and tools in the management of other people's change.
Duration is 48 hours and online complement.

Levels of groups