Hold the new in your life

People are seekers of meaning. We trace the boundaries or our territory creating definitions about what we experience. We usually look at the reality from the same perspective, towards the same side, based on the same references, maintaining the same prejudices, and we assume that our perception of reality is what is really happening.

We are the authors of our explanations which allow us to approach reality from different perspectives. The stories that we create about the context can define it as an open landscape or a space of constraints and threats. The characteristics of the territory do not produce the meaning of our statements. By contrast, our narratives generate the features of the situations that we face.

We live inside our descriptions of reality. These arguments depend on what we see and how we interpret the facts we face. The alternatives that you introduce in your inner landscape arise from a combination of possibilities of the contexts (What is happening?) and the identification of opportunities (How do you interpret what you see?) in these situations.

possibilities + opportunities = alternatives

You can be a creator of opportunities. When you feel oppression, examine different aspects of the scenes where you feel blocked. You do not have to memorize each of these points of intervention. As you practice them, these subtleties will become new skills to bring the new in your everyday scenes.

Extend the boundaries of your landscape
What reality are you looking at? We have been educated to live in stable contexts. For this reason, we approach the complex and unstable world as if it were a collection of photographs. We can redefine the possibilities of the context we face by focusing on three aspects: integrating new actors to our map, analyzing stories in movement (not just as simple photographs), and projecting changes in situations.

Unveil the patterns of your look
How do you look at reality? This point involves the observation of yourself to reveal the frame of reference of your explanations. Where the meanings that define your inner landscape come from. To create opportunities, focus on three aspects: open your narratives to new definitions, release your emotional ties, and challenge your habits.

How to create alternatives
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